Well recently I wanted to get my online profiles (too many) up to date with current information. In going to add Scythe Designs to my FB profile, it denied me. As it turns out, I had to create a page for the website in order to add it. A little annoying to say the least, but hey now that I went that far, I can spread the fruits of my labor even more - or when I have time he he.

Also, more stuff is in the works section.

Happy New Year!

Pretty much all the example material, except for a few odds and ends, are now up on the Works section. More will be added as I go and do more work, hmmm punny! 

Just have a page or two left to write out and I'll be able to get into more creative outlets, finally. Never a dull or lazy momment.

Getting to it this time around. Site is coming along and is almost done for the release. No one has seen this, but someone must know.

Only have a few key things, fluffier, to place here or there.

Stay tuned for m0ore coming in 5...4...3...

The new site is up, and it will be updated now. Much to look forward to.